Once we reach an agreement, the work can start; you will be able to follow the carrying out of the whole creation with regular mails containing photos and explanations. In fact it is a report on the manufacturing of your jewel... to keep as a souvenir.

To give you a better idea, here are, for example, a few photos taken during the making of the first ring of our catalogue:

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This report can also be a way for you to control the progress of your jewel. We don't have pre-set delays, the manufacturing time depends on the complexity of the jewel to be made.

NOTE: concerning valuable metals:

We only work with gold (in all its shades) and with platinum. We guarantee our gold to be 18 karats (with a legal title of 750 thousandths) and our platinum with a legal title of 950 thousandths. Grey gold (or white gold) is rhodium-plated, this means it gets a surface treatment which gives it that characteristic shining white.