Nho is a simple concept which provides you directly with all the elements necessary to fulfill your wishes in jewellry. You will therefore benefit, on the one hand, from the know-how of first class workers : designer, goldsmith, setter, and on the other hand from our gem provider who will find you wonders.

Thanks to a small, human-sized workroom, we can propose you to follow the making of your order step by step. Here everything is hand-made, no machines, no high technology, no assembly line. Our philosophy is take our time in order to find perfection. No rush, no stress; the work must be done in a serene atmosphere.

Here is how the process is organized :

An idea, a drawing, a picture (it can also be taken from our catalogue) but, above all, your well determined tastes are at the basis of the process. We will propose you with an outline and a choice of gems together with a quotation. At that stage we'll be discussing on colours, style and price.